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  • We don't use any foreign materials in our beehives

What is unique in our apiaries is that we do not use any chemicals in our hives, no miticides to control varroa, no organic acids or essential oils are used. In the hives there is only pure wax from our own cycle, honey, pollen and propolis. This is possible thanks to the brilliant system of beekeeping of Ed and Dee Lusby, that we are copying since 15 years now. Therefore, we can dispense with all treatments because our bees are able to defend themselves against pests and diseases.

  • This means that our products are absolutely pure and unencumbered

Our beehives are located on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, totally isolated in pure nature. Therefore, they are not subject to environmental stresses.

What do we offer?

- Honey with a unique flavor, due to the diversity of flowers in the Canaries.
- We also offer propolis and other bee products from an environment free from pollution.


Who are we?

  These are Iris and Stephan who live on the island of La Palma since 30 years now. Stephan is copying the  beekeeping system of Dee Lusby for 15 years now with great success. Now there are more than 300 hives that do not have to be treated with chemicals against diseases.  

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Where are our bees?
Our beehives are located in an unspoilt nature

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here the family some years ago:


selling honey:


We live in the wild north of the island of La Palma:

and we have bees:







Organic beekeepers association with small black bee
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain


A few years ago we founded an association whose members are all working with small cell bees

We are not many yet, but we have already a fifth part of the total number of hives of La Palma.


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