odd bee year haven’t seen in long, long time in arizona

The situation of the bee hives of our group in central Europe is due to weather problems quite strange. There is a great lack of food in the hives.
Dee Lusby tells similar things from Arizona:

well, it’s finally been wet, but washing the blooms out so glad my bees are
fed and waiting hopefully for me to see if they finally got some
honey……………..but it’s been down in the high 60sF and lower 70sF at night
which is bad for hives not very big for keeping warm and keeping
vandals/pests out, so as I go thru the hives will for working up for going into fall
thru the lull sorta now in blooms with change from spring type plants to
more fall type plants coming on, will have to balance from the rich to the poor
again and hope all made it thru……………………

Hope rest of you are doing okay……………..as have gotten many phone
calls from locals wanting to buy honey as their bees didn’t hardly get any
surplus for themselfes and are not also feeding which I will not do, but
balance between the strong and rich instead………….but haven’t turned
the AC on yet as still in 80sF or lower at night and no need to which is odd
year haven’t seen in long, long time.

Hope rest of you all are doing okay.

Dee A Lusby

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