Increíblemente arrogante – Bayer dice: neonics son esenciales, y por lo tanto matan a las abejas

Una empresa líder química, Bayer, que hace grandes inversiones en la „seguridad y la salud de las abejas“, dice que no se alejara de una clase de pesticidas, que se ha demostrado que causan la muerte innecesaria de las abejas.

esto también era Bayer con Perizin … essential/

Y por supuesto que quieren sacar rendimiento:
Los directivos del „Bayer Centro de salud  de las abejas“ en Alemania esperan  en unos pocos años la aprobación de su „Varroa Gate“ – producto que expone a los ácaros varroa sustancias mortales cuando las abejas entran a la colmena, pero estaria seguro para las abejas.

Increíble – Primero matan a las abejas con sus neonics y encima hacen dinero con un pseudo „centro de salud“ para las abejas.

A leading ag chemical company that is making a big investment in bee health and safety says it will not be moving away from a class of pesticides that some say is causing unnecessary bee deaths.“We believe that neonics are an essential tool for growers – in the Midwest but across the U.S. and other parts of the world. And so we do not want to see that chemistry going away. We think there would be extreme consequences on the ability of growers to grow their crops in the future if those chemistries were no longer available,” says Dr. Adrian Percy, Bayer CropScience Global Head of Research and Development. He tells Brownfield Ag News his company is working to make sure those products containing ‘neonics’ (neonicotinoids) are being used properly. He says, “We are absolutely that when they are used in a responsible manner, according to label instructions, they are perfectly safe to pollinators.” Percy says those products have been extensively tested.The Varroa mite, which feeds on the blood of bees and carries viral diseases, is considered by most scientists to be the leading cause of bee colony losses in North America and Europe. Officials at Bayer’s Bee Health Center in Germany expect approval in a few years of their “Varroa Gate” product that would expose varroa mites to deadly substances as bees enter hives but would be safe for bees.

Dee Lusby escribe:

Man or man, what bullshit for teaching and doing, but then the book trained
beekeepers that read and believe will do, while real world doings this
just is idiot stuff for doing and using and also on plants that they helped to
modify along with Monsanto that just don’t fit, just won’t hack
it……………………this is so crazy that beekeepers and people today would
believe such sorry/artificial/wrong science for using in a modified world of
hybridized plants and animals for sicker and sicker doings,
…………………yet these people in throwing down the money go forward,
…………….while we the clean and wanting sustainable and no dopes and artificial
feeds, and plants and animals in harmoney with nature again, are told again
and again to prove what we do is right and
works!!!!!!!…………………………..Just a sorry state of affairs today in USA, far east, and
Europe………….and reason another 25 year great depression looks like headed our
way!!!…………….for this means it will take forever to clean things up for
life……..even if 2/3s die off tomorrow…….which seems
coming……………Dee A. Lusby

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