wax scandal

artificial wax on the market that bees can not handle.


In Europe appeared artificial wax from China. Beekeepers in Germany and Austria bought foundation and the bees have been unable to handle it and broke down. An analysis showed that it is artificial wax.
There entered at least 40 tons in Germany via Belgium.

It seems that several companies that produce foundation are involved.

Here is a video of two affected beekeepers:
http://swrmediathek.de/player.htm?show= … 5056a12b4c

it looks like beeswax, smells like bees wax, but it is artificial wax !!!!!!!

It was placed deliberately on the market to defraud

their hives are sentenced to death

if things go on like this, within 5 years beekeeping will disappear

at least 40 tonnes reached the german market

more infos in german language:


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