Queens disappearing – a mystery

Our colleague Krassimire from Bulgaria reports this:

Lot of beekeepers reporting this year extreme numbers of disappearing queens. If I say disappearing I mean week ago she was laying and all OK and now no queen in the hive – looks like she is gone… and bees are starting emergency cells… It does not look like they are superseding.Lot of beeks in SE-Europe (Bulgaria) are reporting same observation … Any comments / similar observations / ideas ?

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Dee Lusby responds:

sounds like Nature with broodnest turn over now coming, getting rid of
queens not matching her which happens in odd climatic years big time, for new
queens, with absconding, for trying to get back home, and out of hives too
small and with bigger cells, for then with food in gut and enough time
before flow ends setting up home and trying to go smaller in another house. and
so if can find another cavity and go .2mm to .3mm smaller have seen them
run for it, but normally only would be seen with other beekeepers out here
with LC bees and smaller hives…………while me with taller hives would
simply take honey then even if stocked filled, for queens would shut off and
stay and then eat up thru lull making space as done in nature, and then I’d
hope I’d be done with yards before fall came really on so could give good
space for more honey getting, so I’d work yards in order of priority as
seen filled…………..but queens stay put in nature more if matching her
and then the bees work on it,…..but they don’t just abscond in waves unless
really man’s bees and not matching.That’s all I can say.Dee A. Lusby

And Michael Bush from USA reports this:

I am hearing a lot of similar stories here in the U.S.Michael Bush
Nehawka, NE 68413

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