por fin, el tan esperado libro de Dee Lusby

Apicultura orgánica – el camino de regreso – copyright 1991 – 2016 by Ed and Dee Lusby.

ya apareció el libro en Amazon en todo el mundo:




Dee Lusby escribió:
Esto es para hacerle saber que el libro que ha estado tratando de publicar formalmente durante décadas ahora se hace para enseñar apicultura orgánica limpia, que puede usarse para talleres, clubes de enseñanza, escuelas, universidades, colegios y apicultores en general.

Y este libro es lo que he estado analizando durante décadas en mis varias listas de grupos de discusión, mientras me dicen que lo demuestre. Bueno, aquí ahora está hecho con referencias. Así que ahora es el momento de comprar y leer para una experiencia de aprendizaje formal profunda para mantener a las abejas en alineación con la naturaleza nuevamente, y lo que ella ha pasado …

Dee Lusby – la madre de la apicultura orgánica

Dee Lusby escribió:
Biological Beekeeping – The Way Back,…copyright 1991 – 2016 by Ed and Dee Lusby.All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the author.
ISBN: 978-161476-104-4
* Star Publishing Company
Nehawka, NE 68413 USA
659 pages
113 illustrations
12 pt typeface________________________________
This is to let you know that the book been trying to formally publish for decades is now done for teaching clean organic beekeeping, that can be used for workshops, clubs teaching, schools, universities, colleges, and beekeepers in general.

And this book is what I have been going over for decades now on my various discussion group lists, while being told to prove it. Well here it is now done with references. So now is time to buy and read for a deep formal learning experience for keeping bees in alignment with Nature again, and what she has gone thru…

Michael Bush got it done for me and should be ready shortly for buying/ordering. With luck it will be available at the upcoming 2 – 4 March 2018 ………11th annual Organic Beekeepers Conference in Oracle, Arizona with him bringing first available copies for getting. Other then that it will be avail within 6 to 8 weeks for buying on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and others, if not sooner.

So more and more the conference is coming together…So come on out to Arizona for a great weekend.

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