Is it possible to use our system as a beekeeping novice?

The answer is a plain and obvious NO.

Many novices want to start with our system of beekeeping, and fact is that they don`t know how to deal with bees. You have to learn everything step by step. So please do it slowly and one step after the other.
I always use the following example:
Here in the mountains at hight 2500m we have astronomical observatories which are the latest high tech.
If something in the control system is out of order, would you ask for a first year apprentice who installs electrical sockets, or do you prefer a specialist?
The same applies to Ed & Dee Lusby`s system.
It`s a fact that varroa resistant breeding is prosecuted by bee institutes all over the world for more than 30 years.
And where are the results? Nothing but some hives which survived somewhere by chance, nothing to establish a beekeeping without the need of medication. But the system of Ed & Dee Lusby works in many places of the world and does so since 25 years. But that is bee high tech and if the beginner has problems to distinguish the queen from the worker bees we have to say very clearly – it`s not possible!
So we have to develop a possible way for the beginner to learn it step by step. The enormous advantage of the beginner is that he is not prejudiced, because every experienced beekeeper seems to think his way is the best ( including me :smile: )

Now the question for the enthusiastic beginner is how to start?

My suggestion is that he will search for someone with experience to put him on. He starts with shifting colonies to 5.1mm foundations which nearly all bees are able to do. He will be able to keep the varroa mites at bay with powdered sugar treatment every 3 weeks. The advantage of this method is you always see how many mites fall down. Because of the treatment every 3 weeks the number of mites should be more or less stabilized. If this number suddenly escalates, because of reinfection from other colonies, you can recognize this immediately, and you are able to ward off the danger with abundant use of powdered sugar treatment.

If the beginner has now learned the basics of proper handling of bees, he may venture to do the small cells.

The same question always comes up.
Why is it not possible to use the 4.9mm instead of 5.1mm immediately?
No, this is not possible for the beginner because often even the advanced beekeeper is unable to cope with this.


thanks for the translation to Sibylle

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