A milestone for small cell, treatment-free beekeeping

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The treatment-free, small cell beekeeping System of Ed&Dee Lusby gets increasingly campaigners.

In the last 6 months we could supply worldwide more than 100 beekeepers with small cell silicone matrices, so they could build their own, small-cell foundation mold. And to our great surprise it spreads now around the world.

From our online shop we delivered successfully to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Canada, Chile, Romania, Argentina, France, Norway, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Holland and Belgium.

The advantages are obvious.

  • You can choose between various cell sizes 5.1mm – 4.9mm – 4,86mm – 4,80mm
  • Bees prefer the new cell geometry

  • By using foundation molds every beekeeper can create his own wax cycle. All wax that is on the market is highly loaded with chemicals and we can not use it for our small cell bees. And be careful with „bio wax“. This is very frequently from Africa (which has a peculiar smell), and as the wax there has a higher price than the honey, wild swarms just to get burned to gain the wax. Unbelievable, and is then offered as a bio!

Examples of molds that have been made by beekeeper friends with matrices of ResistantBees.


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  1. Gabi Kuster sagt:


    Is there anyone who would be happy to build a small cell press for me. Unfortunately I am technically not so skilled to make one myself but would be happy to pay you for the work and materials?

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